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Dec 25, 2016
Davidscloud Ark New Player Guide


Welcome to Davidscloud!

Our community has been around for many years and we pride ourselves on offering fair and unbiased assistance, swiftly and precisely. We work every day to make sure our community is the best it can be. This is achieved by the many aspects of this community that this guide will introduce and describe to you. First, we need to go over the basics!

Davidscloud has a set of Core Values and Rules by which our community abides.

These values and rules can be accessed by visiting this link:
or you can visit the website and click on the large banner featuring a T-rex!

Joining our servers is simple - the Servers tab on the homepage provides the IP’s of each map on the cluster. Once you’ve downloaded all mods, you can click directly from the Servers tab and join or add the IP’s to your favorites in Steam.
To use most of the features on the Davidscloud website, you’ll need to make an account.
Don’t worry, it’s easy--Just click “Register” in the upper right corner and fill in your credentials!
Navigating the Website

The navigation bar at the top of the homepage has streamlined a lot of what our website offers, providing quick links to the Forums, Submitting a Report, Calendar, Links, Servers, Discord, and Donate. If you’re looking for something else on the website, you can find most things using the search tool in the upper right corner of every page.

Submitting A Ticket

Davidscloud has a team of admins at the ready to assist you with any issues and glitches that arise in game. The ticket system on the website is designed to get you the help you need as quickly as possible. This is the best route for reporting in-game problems.

To submit a ticket, visit the following link and fill out the form with the most information you can provide.

The ticket system helps our admins track and assist with issues as quickly as possible. Average response time is within an hour, but please be patient when waiting for your ticket to be addressed. Holidays and major world events may affect response times.

Tickets are meant to be submitted for game glitches and losses due to server issues.
This does not cover losses due to player mistakes or neglect.


The Almanac is a tool exclusive to Davidscloud that allows a player to find wild or tamed dinos, check structure counts, and track your tribe’s activity on all maps in one convenient location! However, the PvP server does not appear on the Almanac.

You can access the almanac by visiting : and logging in with your Steam ID. Once you’ve logged in, click “View My Profile” to see which maps you have characters on, along with your tribe log, the creatures and structures you own on that map. This allows you to track the locations or stats of your tames and monitor your base.

Tracking wild dinos is another feature of the Almanac that can come in handy! You can access a full list of all wild dinos on the map and view their stats, gender, and coordinates. For example, if you’re looking for a max level Allosaurus to tame on Ragnarok, here’s what to do:

Scroll to find the Ragnarok map, and click “View Server”


Choose “Wild Creatures” on the left side of the page, and select the creature you’re hunting from the drop down menu at the top of the page.
Creatures are sorted alphabetically.


Once you’ve selected the creature, in this case the Allosaurus, the Almanac will show you a full list of those creatures. You’ll be able to scroll through every instance of an Allosaurus and see their base stats, gender and coordinates.
Creatures are sorted by Base Level, to help you locate the highest level creatures first!


The Almanac refreshes every 10-15 minutes, so you will need to refresh your browser occasionally to get the most up-to-date information on each map. The Almanac receives regular updates and maintenance, but if for some reason you cannot access it please report issues by typing !serverissue in the #ark channel in Discord.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

Davidscloud includes a plugin called ArkHomes that provides players with the ability to set, teleport, and list locations set as Homes. The chat commands and their uses are as follows:
  • /addhome <HomeName> - Saves your current position for the home location.
  • /removehome <HomeName> - Removes a home.
  • /home <HomeName> - Teleports you to the home location.
  • /listhomes - Lists all home names.
  • /tp red - Teleports you to the Red Obelisk on that server
In addition to ArkHomes, our servers provide players with 1 minute of God Mode after login. This prevents immediate death if a player happened to log off or disconnect in a not so desirable area.

The Last of the chat commands we have is by far the most popular. A Get Body command, that allows you to retrieve your inventory 5-10 seconds after your death with a 2 minute cooldown after the first use. This, however, is not free, as it will cost the player 50 points to use.
  • /getbody 1

Ark Shop

Another utility we offer to members is the in-game ArkShop. ArkShop is a server plugin that allows you to gain and spend points. These points can be earned in two ways: playing on the server for one consecutive hour earns 5, and selling metal, polymer, gold ingots, and element in hefty quantities.

Spending points is where the fun begins with this tool. We offer a variety of items in our shop, ranging from a simple set of tools, to high quality armor. Even dinos can be bought in the shop! You can also purchase Kits, special shop items that essentially give you an Admin Command to use; such as instantly imprinting, growing, and mindwiping a dino. Every item and Kit available for purchase in our ArkShop is listed on the Davidscloud Forums, or you can follow this link:

To use the ArkShop in game, press enter to bring up Global Chat and type the commands into the chat box. Check the link above to find the “ID” of the item or kit you want to purchase.

Here are the basic commands you need to know to use the ArkShop:
  • /points - tells you your points balance
  • /buy <ItemID> <Amount> - purchases items or dinos
  • /buykit <KitID> <Amount> - purchases kits
  • /kit <KitID> - uses the purchased kit
  • /sell <Item> <Amount> - sell specified item by the thousands, i.e 1=1000
Along with earning double points per hour, Supporters have access to the following commands, which cost no points (see "Supporter" for more details)

Formatting Examples:

To check your points balance you would type: /points
Other players will not see your points balance or your command, if you’ve properly typed it into the chat box.

To purchase a Level 224 Ankylosaurus, you would type: /buy Ankylo224

In addition, we have included a mod which adds a streamlined UI for easy navigation of our extensive Ark Shop. Lets explain how to use it.

To open the UI, press F3, or type /shop. Once done, this should appear on your screen

Once you've opened the UI, the hard part is done. From here you can navigate our shop by pressing the different tabs, and filter what you're looking for by typing in key words in the text bar.

This UI also allows quick, easy, access for Trading and Selling. Below is an image of the Selling UI, to use, just select the item you would like to sell, add an amount, and confirm.

The next tab is for Trading. The UI below shows who is on the same server as you. To trade, click the desired player's name, designate the amount of points to send, and confirm.

We have a lot of items in the shop, but maybe we’ve missed something that you feel should be included. No worries--We have a forums post for just that! You can request additions to the ArkShop here:


Davidscloud is a strictly Non Pay to Win and Non-Profit Community. First and foremost, this means that Supporters are rewarded with in-game cosmetic effects and conveniences, and no amount of money will give you a strategic advantage over other players. ALL donations are invested right back into the servers and community.

All it takes to obtain permanent Supporter status is a donation of $1 USD, one time!

You can donate to Davidscloud and become a Supporter by visiting:

Once you’ve submitted your donation, directly message David with your Steam or Epic ID and your perks will be activated in game!

Supporter Perks include:
-Earn 10 points per hour to use toward the ArkShop

-Exclusive commands in-game:
  • /cheat sdc <0-6> <1-100>
  • /cheat setfacialhairstyle <1-6>
  • /cheat setfacialhairpercent <1-100>
  • /cheat setheadhairpercent <1-100>
  • /cheat setheadhairstyle <1-6>
  • /cheat enablespectator (will clear your inventory, be careful!)
  • /cheat disablespectator
  • /cheat shopdinorespec (mindwipes whatever mount you’re riding)
-Access to #supporter channel and change of username color in Discord

Discord Mini-Guide

You can join our Discord here :

Staying in touch with fellow players, reporting issues, finding tribes to ally or join, and keeping up to date on server news are just a few of the reasons to join the conversation in the Davidscloud discord!

There are several custom commands and channels on the Davidscloud Discord to help you easily find anything you might need. This also helps organize everything the community members share with each other. If you need help finding anything, don’t be afraid to ask!

The #ark channel is where you should ping !serverissue or @ArkAdministrators for help

When to Use the !serverissue Command:
  • Almanac is down outside of maintenance window (4-4:30am EST)
  • Servers are not joinable outside of maintenance window (4-4:30am EST)
  • You’re receiving errors joining due to mod mismatch (be sure you’ve fully restarted ARK and Steam to make sure you aren’t behind on updates)
The rules for our discord are as follows:
  • Be friendly and polite at all times.
  • Show respect to everyone on this server, no matter their role.
  • Harassment, abuse, hate speech or any kind of discriminatory speech will not be tolerated.
  • Do not spam. Do not tag people repeatedly or without need.
  • Keep NSFW content to the NSFW channel.
  • Threats, including those “made as a joke” will not be tolerated.
  • Do not reveal private information about any individuals or corporate entities.
  • Do not advertise other discord servers or third party websites.
  • Use correct channels that are specific to your needs.
  • Do not openly argue with staff. If you have an issue go to DM's with it.
  • Circumventing a ban will get you an automatic permaban.
  • If you see anyone breaking these rules, please PM a Community Moderator or Community Administrator.
  • If you want to report a server issue please use !serverissue
  • If you need help ingame please @ the correct admin group.


We love to have fun here! We’ll find any reason to host a party, have a contest, and giveaway goodies!​

You can follow the #announcements thread in Discord or check the homepage of for information on what events are active and coming up!

We host events every week, and a big event once a month. All events offer multiple opportunities to win ascendant level gear and dinos, as well as something exclusive just for participating

As a bonus on top of the weekly/monthly events, when we reach certain donation goals we host special events including boss fights, Rare Sighting weekends (see mod guide for Rare Sightings description), and Super Buff weeks with highly boosted rates!

Have ideas for events? Wonderful! We’re always looking for new ways to bring the community together with a little flare and fun. Post your ideas to the #feedback-and-suggestions channel in Discord for consideration by the Event Staff.

Mod Guide

This is a complete list of mods running on the main vanilla cluster with basic descriptions of what they do for our servers. Check the links to the Steam workshop page for more complete information on utilizing these mods to their full potential!​

ARK Additions: The Collection (2 mods) - Additional dino set that includes 8 new species along with many variants to tame and collect!

Automated Ark 3 (7 mods) - An automated sorting, storage, and crafting system complete with auto-pulling for crafting and so much more!

Awesome Spyglass - A craftable spyglass that shows helpful information about your current target including wild and tamed dino levels and stats, as well as what’s in loot drops and item cache

Castles Keeps and Forts (3 Mods) - Architecture mods with several different crafting tiers and decorative structural additions to build a beautiful base. Davidscloud runs the Legacy, Remastered, and Science Fiction variants of this mod.

Dino Storage v2 - Store dinos in soul balls to reduce clutter and backup your dinos in our save files! Store dinos in a Soul Terminal once per week to backup. Use the Soul Finder tool to locate dinos in terminals stored on your base. Use the Soul Gun to pod dinos and pick up item cache.

Eco’s Decor (6 Mods) - Landscape and decor crafting mod to give any base a more lived-in feel. Crafting stations for each mod are made in smithy. Davidscloud runs Garden Decor, RP Decor, Trees, Tek Decor, Chibi Displays, and Aberration Decor.

Platform Freedom - Allows the freedom to place structures that couldn’t previously be placed on platforms, as well as adding improvements on vanilla structures that can be crafted in your inventory.

Premade Structures - Set of pre-made homes and taming pens for easy crafting and pick up.

Shiny! Dinos - Shiny dinos pop up occasionally with general co-ords that lead you to cosmetically altered dinos that spawn 20% higher level than normal max level dinos.

Kraken's Better Dinos - This mod tweaks, or completely overhauls, Ark's dinos to make them better and stronger. It also adds new Tek dinos, including Tek Ankylo, Tek Griffin, Tek Mosa, and Tek Giga, while upping the spawns of Tek Trikes to more than just Gen 1. Kraken's also adds new items, such as the Valerian Reins, which will allow for better maneuverability and faster flying mounts.

Super Structures - Super Structures is the new and improved S+, and still offers the same quality of life, if not better, in building, breeding, farming, and day-to-day Ark tasks.

Advanced Defenses - Davidsclouds very own defense mod, while only sporting the CIWS (for now), this advanced turret is leagues ahead of the rest with double the range of vanilla turrets, 300 dmg a bullet, and a ridiculously high fire rate. Going to need a lot of Advanced Rifle Ammo for this one.

Davidscloud Core - A core mod that houses all of Davidsclouds mods in one

MX-E Ark Shop UI - This mod implements an easy to use interface for the most popular and free shop plugin "Shop, Currency & Kits".

Omega and Dox servers run all of the above, plus the Omega and Dox mods
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