Ark Server TLC Rebalance

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Dec 25, 2016
Greetings Members,

We are going to introduce a small change on our ark servers on Friday, If you guys didn't know we have boosted rates for the dinos in regards to how much of a boost you get through imprinting and how many points you put into a stat. What we are rebalancing is the points you get per level on health and damage, this will be still boosted significantly from vanilla but not way over the top. This is a pretty small change for some, If you are already 10 generations into your breeding line no need to worry you still will have very powerful dinos. The current setting for damage and health is 1.0 which is a huge boost to what it normal is. We will be adjusting it to "0.45" this will only effect damage and health all other stats will be left as is.

The goal of this rebalance is to make the game slightly harder for bosses and bring back the need for breeding dinos to accomplish boss battles as well as increase the need for breeders and overall bring more fun into the game. This change is retroactive and will only effect two things, The points you put into dinos, and the boost you get from a imprint. We will continue to monitor and make adjustments as needed and we ask for your patience and understanding as we go through this small change.

We are currently also considering adding mods to the servers and we have listened to your feedback on everything you guys wanted. We will continue to look at everything you guys have submitted.

The shop will be continuing to evolve and add more dinos to it so please make sure to take a look at the shop here

- Davidscloud Team



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Apr 25, 2019
Apparently I have already filled the poll you posted on discord, but I don't remember what mod(s) I suggested ^_^; There are so many I'd like to submit, in truth. And I know my preferences are not that of everyone so I'm ready for an inevitable "no". This being said, I want to tell an anecdote about this weekend.

On Sunday, new people were arriving on the server and asking questions about the rates, and in the moment neither Leaf or I (who were both online at the time) were able to remember them all off the top of our heads. So I figured : the WBUI mod is pretty light, and very useful.
It allows for very useful reminders about rates, basic rules, links to discord/website/almanac and so on, for newcomers who have not joined discord and/or not discovered the website yet (the welcome message that displays the discord's address is very brief afterall). But I'm not mentioning it just for newbies : I've always found it very useful even as a regular player on the servers where it was installed, because some rates are really niche sometimes (someone asked about the poop interval a few days ago...). The fact that it's ingame is a plus, since it's really risky for me to alt-tab Ark and start another software while the game is running, too ; I can't be the only one in that case. And the level of customization is great, you can really use it for a lot of things : mentioning upcoming events, upcoming downtimes if planned in advance, listing useful codes for the shop, listing the different commands to call for admin help, etc. On a server where I was an admin, we had a number of community centers with unlocked smithies, mortars and forges, so we wrote the coords of those in WBUI, so any beach bob could survive even if we weren't online to guide them. The list goes on. It's such a great mod.

But also... I'm a huge mod user in singleplayer. So I'd feel remiss if I didn't mention 3 others mods I adore and use whenever possible :

- Rare Sightings is very cool, and adds a type of gameplay in PvE on the top of being a hunter's dream. It spawns "special dinos" in very small numbers (much smaller than during official events) so you end up having mini-quests during which people compete to get to that rare dino first. They can either tame it (and we all know how much people love to tame on DSC) or kill it to get a temporary buff and some loot (which I find more rewarding than just going loot crate hunting). You can only know about a rare spawn if you have a radio on you, so it's using stuff that's already in the game but that people rarely take advantage of, which I find smart. In SP I found a "chocolate" variant, an "albino" variant or a "rainbow" variant, for instance, of existing creatures. The dinos look cool, sometimes a bit larger than vanilla, their stats might be improved (though my rainbow lystro really was not OP by any standard :p ). Breeders will probably have fun trying to get two of the same kind (which has never happened to me so far !) to create new exciting lines of dinos. It's a whole new world really.

- eco's Primordial decor mod includes some very interesting benches, new skins, new objects... It's super cool because it's not just decoration, but the decorating part allows for themed bases (the mod is divided in themed "tribes" living in different biomes, and their objects fit that specific biome). There's something to be said about a mod that adds floating islands, too ! Some other eco mods (like shoppe or stables) are much heavier and less practical ; this one really comes with neat uses, like a bench that allows you to turn meat into hide (very nice for those expensive saddles).

- lastly, there's my beloved Ark Additions, which just added a real brachiosaurus (not just a skin), complete with an Aberrant variant.
The Archelon is also a beautiful & unique encounter, and I admire a dino mod that tries to add creatures to the swamp and the underwater. But my all-time favorite in that mod is actually the Deinonychus (which also has an Aberrant variant and is just a pleasure to ride as a pack).

Now that it's off my chest now, come what may ! :p
Please, trust that I'm not listing these mods because I feel DSC is lacking, but because in the short time I've been here, it has felt like a home to me and my Ark addiction, and I want to contribute in whatever small way I can think of.
Thanks for listening to our suggestions even if/when they're not included eventually. Keep up the good work !