Triple Play Week!

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Triple Play Weekend (1).png

This week on Davidscloud is Triple Play Week!
Long story short - you have THREE events to enjoy and THREE opportunities to score sweet dinos and prizes!

Rare Sightings Weekend!

Thanks to our generous supporters, this weekend brings us an RS Extravaganza!

Saturday 7/25 6-9P EST and Sunday 7/26 12-3P EST!
on the following modded maps:
Crystal Isles PvE - The Island - Ragnarok - Valguero - Scorched Earth - Extinction

-For three hours each day, admins will be hopping from map to map spawning 10 wild rare sightings dinos at a time for you to hunt down and tame!​
-When the map is ready for a spawn refresh, don't be afraid to ask!​
-Equip a radio into slot 9 on your hot bar and pay attention to the in-game global chat to communicate with the admins running the show!​

If you're not familiar with the Rare Sightings mod, check it out here for more information on what kinds of dinos have a chance to spawn.

No Mods Boss Fight!

Thanks to our generous supporters, and as an added bonus for No Mods Players who don't benefit from the RS Weekend, we're hosting a boss fight!

Saturday 7/25 2P EST on No Mods Ragnarok

Gather in the desert on No Mods Ragnarok to join up with your fellow community members and take down the Broodmother, Dragon, and Megapithecus in increasing difficulties! (Feel free to submit boss requests via Discord for consideration)

Screenshot Scavenger Hunt!

ALL this week! Everyone that completes the list wins a heap of excellent prizes!

You have until 11:59P EST Sunday 7/26 to submit!

Everyone who submits all 29 screenshots from the list (30 if you're going for the bonus prize!) will receive:
Exclusive RS Rex (Level 300 Rex for No Mods Player), Full Set Ascendant Fur Armor, Ascendant Pump Action Shotgun with 2 Stacks of Ammo,
100 Element, 100 Imprint Kibble (Exceptional Kibble for No Mods Players)

The FIRST FIVE to upload all screenshots will also receive an Exclusive RS Wyvern (Level 300 Wyvern for No Mods Players)

To check out the list and submit your screenshots, head over to:

As always, mention or message Mags or Leafu with any questions!​